About us

Learning is pure & continuous a-kin to the river Ganges and careers are Global in a highly connected world. Planet Ganges is about continuous learning and up-gradation of skills to stay contemporary for a successful life & career.

Acquiring new skills continuously secures employability, career opportunities, improved social standing among peers and grows one’s earning potential. A highly skilled workforce enables companies to remain relevant in a VUCA world and grow their enterprise value.

Digital technology driven solutions from Planet Ganges are uniquely designed to continually inspire employees in organizations to learn and simultaneously equip companies to grow their employee productivity.

Our vision

Enable every human on this planet to learn, grow and conquer their dreams.

Our values

Driven by purpose

Passionate and selflessly driven to make learning accessible to every human on the planet


Do everything within one's power to create a great experience for the customer


Relentlessly strive to reimagine the present and unlock greater value for the customer


Driven by a deep desire to strive for excellence in everything we do


Can do and will do attitude, overcome fear to think and act big and bold to change the world


Anand Bhaskar Image
Anand Bhaskar
Founder & CEO

Anand Bhaskar is an accomplished leader in the industry with over 25 year of experience. A visionary entrepreneur, strategic thinker, leadership facilitator, mentor and professionally certified coach from ICF, USA.

Shailaja Meduri Image
Shailaja Meduri
Director Marketing & PR

Shailaja is the face to our ideas; managing our digital and non-digital presence by striking conversations through media that leave a lasting impact about Planet Ganges

Rajeev Narayan Image
Rajeev Narayan
Director Consulting

Rajeev is an accomplished L&D expert with over 17 years of experience in corporate and consulting space of learning. Defining life with one word 'Passion', he strives to always impact performance levels in people using strong design based learning solutions. He is a certified Master Trainer and a Licentiate Certified L&D Professional from Dale Carnegie & Associates (DC&A) and Carlton Advanced Management Institute(CAMI), USA.

Harish Katakam Image
Harish Katakam
Director Technology

Harish is the person who transforms our dreams into reality through his admirable understanding of technology and enviable knack for simplifying problems

Advisory Board

Harish Devarajan
Harish Devarajan
Business Mentor

PG Ponnapa
Business Advisor

Board of Directors

Anand Bhaskar
Anand Bhaskar
Founder & CEO

Shailaja Meduri
Shailaja Meduri
Director Marketing & PR

Gautam Jain
Gautam Jain